Books by Vaisnavacharya Chandan Goswami

1. The Sacred Shilas

1. The Sacred Shilas

The divine origins and worship of the sacred stones of India, namely  shaligram shiladwarka shila and  govardhan shila, are revealed through the author’s well-researched and informative guide,  The Sacred Shilas. With its clear guidelines for puja, taken from ancient Sanskrit texts, both beginners and experienced worshippers of  shilas will find this book not only a valuable resource, but also a beautiful teacher of how to serve with love and simplicity.
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2. Way to Love: A Commentary on the Narad Bhakti Sutra

Vaisnavacharya Chandan Goswami’s first published work, Way to Love, is a commentary on the scripture Narad Bhakti Sutra. His commentary reveals the sweet essence of Sage Narad aphorisms, leading the reader from the introductory stages of devotion to the supreme stage of sacred love ( prem). New and experienced aspirants alike will find special inspiration in this text.

3. Sri Radharaman Gita

3. Sri Radharaman Gita

A collection of ecstatic songs that have serenaded Shri Radharamanji for over a century, Sri Radharaman Gita lovingly portrays Shri Radharaman’s daily life ( Nitya Lila) from morning to night. Also richly described are the glorious festivals which He enjoys throughout the year ( Naimittik Lila), as well as the story of His appearance, based on the poetic account of one of the Temple’s most celebrated Acharyas. Included are the original Brajbhasha songs, with Roman transliteration and prose translations into English.

4. Spiritual Ink

Spiritual Ink is a poetic offering of Vaisnavacharya Chandan Goswami and Radhika Goswami, to their beloved Shri Radharaman. It is almost impossible to capture in words what one feels on the journey to sacred love but a humble attempt has been made by the authors to share the heart’s innermost experience of devotion and its eternal relationship with the Divine.

"I set sail, drifting away from the worldly shores. My love-struck heart, desperately in search of its Beloved, cut all existing bonds to find its only means of existence. In a moment of intense remembrance and insatiable longing, my solitary tears came to rescue my fall and offered themselves as my spiritual ink."