Daily Worship

Daily Worship

Mangla Aarti Sandarshan
As the first rays of morning light spread across the sky, Shri Radharaman (Shriji) awakens. Soon, eager devotees swarm into the temple, to quench their thirst for the nectar of His beauty at the auspicious time of Mangla Aarti. Shriji’s attendant Goswami waves the lamp in graceful rings, binding the divine Youth with the protection of his love, and dispelling any negative energy that might bring Him harm.

“Blissful are Shri Radharaman Lal and Shri Bhatt Gopal! (Gopal Bhatt Goswami). This mangla aarti ceremony is beyond any comparison, bringing the night’s sweet rejoicing to a close. This eternal sacred Vrindavan forest is full of joyous blessings; all the fine trees and creepers here are full of benediction. Joy-filled glances fly like arrows from Their blissful bow-shaped eyebrows. Joyfully the Darlings sit together, and Their toe-rings and anklets ring in bliss. Their sakhis merrily gather there while They gaze at Each Other in elation. Gunmanjari sings Their blissful virtues, losing herself in the sacred vision of her Sweethearts.”
Dhoop Aarti Sandarshan
Then the curtain falls. After the eternal Youth brushes His teeth, He is bathed and dressed with greatest care by His Goswamis. Finally the curtain parts, revealing the glory of Shriji’s handsome Form, amidst the spreading aromatic smoke of the Dhoop Aarti.

“Fragrant smokey agarwood incense fused with sandal, camphor and vetiver, fills the arbour like a raincloud. The golden light of the aarti lamp dazzles like lightning, and the ringing of the bells echoes like thunder. It is all so soothing to the heart! Gunmanjari says, ‘Upon hearing the peacocks sing, Shri Radharaman fills with excitement.’ “

Now Shriji is ready to go and graze the cows, but not before His mother and the gopis serve Him privately with a lavish breakfast.
Srngaar Aarti Sandarshan
Rajbhog Aarti Sandarshan
Evening Dhoop Aarti Sandarshan
Sandhya Aarti Sandarshan
Aulai Sandarshan
Shyan Aarti Sandarshan