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Important Ordering Information*

*The services are arranged by Vaisnavacharya Chandan Goswami on behalf of devotees who cannot be in Vrindavan and they are distributed locally. We do not ship perishable items ordered by you back to you or anyone else by post. You must contact us directly, should you have any queries related to your order.
Which currency should I checkout in?
  • India ​customers using payment cards issued in India should checkout in INR and use the payment method PayU money.
  • Foreign customers using payment cards issued abroad should checkout in USD and use the payment method PayPal.
How do I select the right currency?
What happens if my order does not contain any goods that need to be shipped?
What happens if my order contains goods that need to be shipped?

Milk Abhishek Service

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Flower Decor Service

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Kuliya Service

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Fruit Basket Service

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Ghee Abhishek Service

Shri Radharaman's Dress

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