Serving the Elderly

ODev - caring for the elderly in Vrindavan by providing food and medical care. Chandan Goswami. Radharaman Temple, Vrindavan.
The Hindu scripture Narad Bhakti Sutra says:
मोदन्ते पितरो नृत्यन्ति देवताः सनाथा चेयं भूर्भवति ॥
“On the arrival of a fine devotee, his ancestors rejoice, the gods dance in joy, and Mother Earth finds a protector in him.”
( sutra 71)

As this contemporary world moves in a negative direction, with increasing crime, pollution, mental health issues and stress, there are saints who practice devotion as the ultimate form of positivity.

Many of these saints take shelter of Vrindavan, dedicating all their time to devotional practice. Even as they bless others with their guidance, their devotional yoga creates a powerful energy which counteracts the negative effects of this age.

As these saints age, poor health can affect their daily life, mobility, and their ability to perform their spiritual practices. This is the time when they need physical care and assistance the most.

Through engaging in any form of service to these saints, we are supporting a mighty spiritual lifestyle that benefits the entire world. Even if we cannot offer much of our own time to spirituality, we can thus become part of their great offering.

Serving Widows

In some parts of India, widowed women are considered inauspicious. They are forced to shave their heads, wear only white for the rest of their lives, and many are even be disowned by their families.

Most of these women are not educated; many cannot even read or write. With no means to support themselves, and with no where else to turn, thousands of these women come to Vrindavan for shelter. Here they live on the edges of society, hoping to somehow scrape a life together by the grace of God and the charity of his devotees.

Ocean of Devotion aims to serve both the saints and widows through providing them meals and medical care. Through this humble approach, we hope to alleviate the difficulties they face in their day to day lives.