Nourishing the Soul

Searching for happiness in this world is like trying to find water in the desert. Krishn has created this world and called it dukhalayam, meaning the place of sorrow. So if the creator has given it this name, why are we trying to find happiness here?
Yes, Krishn is the creator, controller and destroyer, but he never says that he is our personal manager. All other creatures in this world are surviving within their means, without asking him for anything more, so why do we, as humans, approach Krishn with a long list of wants just to help us survive in this maya?
Humans have been given a unique gift - the gift of intelligence. But we are wasting our intelligence by using it to ask for things for our survival, when we are capable of taking care of such responsibilities by ourselves.
We should not expect other people to fulfil our desires either, because this will lead to more unhappiness when those expectations either aren’t satisfied according to our standards, or aren’t satisfied at all.
Fulfilling our material desires gives only temporary nourishment to the body, and its cravings are never satisfied. On the other hand, fulfilment of our spiritual desires truly nourishes us because it nourishes what is eternal – the soul. If we approach Krishn with the intention of forming a relationship with him and making him happy, we will receive all the happiness we need.