Make Katha Your Companion

Shukdev Muni has said that those who love Krishn always bathe in the nectar of his sweetness. Drinking that nectar, they are nourished and blissfully spellbound by its taste. Nothing else gives them joy or delight.
Devotees who face any kind of obstacles listen to the stories of Krishn’s lilas and meditate upon them. No matter what happens, they never lose their attachment to katha.
Similarly, there are times when we encounter difficulties in our lives, or when we feel we are not progressing on our devotional path. At times like this, we must say to ourselves, “No matter what challenges may come, I will never leave my Krishn’s katha.” This attitude is extremely important.
When a person has such firm attachment to katha, it becomes the foundation of their life. So, no matter how blocked you feel, if you keep listening to katha, you will always remember the goal of your life. You will always remember that your life and soul, your only treasure, is Radharaman and nothing else.
Even the greatest devotees, the gopis, felt that it was possible to live without Krishn, but they could never live without Krishn katha. The gopis sang:

तव कथामृतं तप्तजीवनं कविभिरीडितं कल्मषापहम् ।
श्रवणमङ्गलं श्रीमदाततं भुवि गृणन्ति ते भूरिदा जनाः ॥
tava kathāmṛtaṁ taptajīvanaṁ kavibhirīḍitaṁ kalmaṣāpaham
śravaṇamaṅgalaṁ śrīmadātataṁ bhuvi gṛṇanti te bhūridā janāḥ

“From the stories of your pastimes flows nectar of the sweetest kind. Great devotees proclaim that the joy of heaven or moksh does not compare to this delight. Not only do your tales soothe the pain of sorrows in this world and destroy the sins of listeners, they also provide precious relief to those whose hearts ache in separation from you. Your pastimes bless the hearts of those who hear them with sacred love. Thus, the great souls who tell your stories are the givers of all  givers.” ( Shrimad Bhagwatam, 10.31.9)