Dedicated to Him Alone

तिसनननता तिदरोिधषूदासीनता च ॥
tasminn–ananyatā tadvirodhiṣūdāsīnatā ca 
“Restraint ( nirodh) means to be completely dedicated to him alone, and to have no interest in things that oppose him.” ( Narad Bhakti Sutra, 9)
One who serves the Lord is taken care of by him. As we try to give up all social and religious actions that are opposed to devotion, the mind needs to make adjustments. This sutra states that we need to be totally absorbed in the Lord with exclusive focus ( ananyata), and in return, the Lord will take care of us. Often on this spiritual path, we may get frustrated in life and lose interest for the objects of worldly enjoyment. But this is not real renunciation if the mind is not fully absorbed in the Lord.
The true meaning of renunciation is detachment from worldly desire and attachment to Krishn. If the mind is partially absorbed in the Lord and partially in the material world, the mind’s flow towards him will be obstructed. We need to focus our mind exclusively on him, and develop complete indifference to material objects. This meditation will bring us closer to the Lord.
In the Bhagwad Gita (9.22), Krishn promises the same: “I personally take care of my devotees who constantly think about me and nothing else. I conserve what they have and I carry to them what they do not have.”
In the Sanskrit version of this verse, the word ananya is used, which means “exclusive”. Exclusive devotees are those who have no other goal but the Lord. In his commentary on this Bhagwad Gita verse, Keshav Kashmiri states: “This means serving him with your whole heart and soul. Because of the all encompassing nature of their devotion, such devotees sometimes forget to take care of their own physical, sensory and mental needs. In this case, the Lord himself arranges for their care and provides for all their needs. He protects them in every way from any situation that could stop them from attaining him in this very lifetime.”