Cleaning Our Mental Hard Drive

When I was a child, I used to play video games on my computer, and at the time, hard disks didn’t have a lot of memory. After finishing a game, I always wanted to keep it and try to install a new game as well. But this used to slow my computer down; so, I used to erase the old game instead. Letting go of that old game allowed me to load the new game without any hassle. And thereafter, I could happily play the new game on my computer.
Similarly, in this life, every person collects memories, and we are a bundle of them. Our body has a hard drive in the form of our mind, which stores our memories from the past. Now, when we attempt to live in the present moment and enjoy life on a daily basis, our old memories take up too much space and slow us down. They prevent us from capturing new memories too. What we think today shapes our future, so we must make sure to clean our mental hard drive regularly and without fail. And the easiest, most effective way to do this is to immerse ourselves in chanting the Holy Name (Harinaam), which has the power to erase all the negativity from our life and replace it with the supreme joy of Shri Radha-Krishn and their lila.